These general sales conditions constitute part of the commercial agreement and are effective on any clause proposed and expressly accepted by the buyer.
All orders sent to our company imply adherence without reserve on the part of the buyer to the general sales conditions of our company.



Our offers have a general basis, even if they refer to a specific expiry date of validity: materials are always “subject to prior sale”. Payment terms indicated on quotations are subject to approval or any possible changes to be made on order confirmations.


Orders and order confirmations

Orders have a contract value and all details have to be issued. The order confirmation defines that order is accepted and that sale contract is perfected with all complete conditions of the supply: such conditions shall mean definitive and tacitly accepted by the buyer if not refused in writing within the working day after receipt of order confirmation.
The order confirmation invalidate any different verbal agreement build with our company sellers that are not confirmed in writing. Therefore, total or partial acceptance of orders in replacement, changes or additional orders is at our company full discretion and considered as new orders.
Unless otherwise indicated, sales whose prices are based on specific variable components (such as extra value) will be invoiced according to the public values at the date of delivery.


Sales directed to the foreign market

The customer is aware of EU and US regulations regarding sanctions against Iran and Syria and similar regulations or statutory provisions in place to control that none of our products are delivered into Iran or Syria.
The customer will fully obey these Regulations non-regarding their applicability on him.


Delivery terms and shipment

The delivery dates are calculated from the date of final acceptance of the order or from the arrival in the seller’s establishment of the specifications and technical information necessary for the production of the order’s material. The delivery dates are respected as much as possible, but are not guaranteed: failure to respect them does not determine the application of sanctions or the payment of damages, and does not allow the buyer to terminate the contract or to consider it terminated for each late delivery.
In case of orders with ex-factory freight terms, we will forward notice for picking up the ready goods.
After 10 days from such communication, if goods have not been collected, our company will be allowed to:

  • Invoice to customer all storage costs, insurance, handling costs
  • Cancel the full order, except in the case of demand for a compensation of damages due by the buyer, should him fail, wholly or in part, to fulfill its contractual obligations.
  • Send all uncollected goods using any mean of transport at our choice, with freight costs to be invoiced.



Tolerances applied according to UNI and UNI-EN, unless otherwise indicated in the acknowledgment.
Weights and relative calculations stated on order confirmation are theoretical.
Quantities will be confirmed on invoice and based on real quantities and date stated on delivery note.


Warranty and liability

Any claims for goods not corresponding to what is specified in our order confirmation must be sent in writing with the following terms:

  • Within 10 days following delivery for visible faults or defects
  • Subject to Italian law for hidden faults or defects.

The buyer is debarred from any right to claim and therefore replacement of the goods should processing or the use of the material object of the contestation not be suspended immediately.
RS ACCIAI srl is not responsible anymore about non compliant goods, in case customer without any authorization, trying to restore them, decides to subject the material to operations or applications that can modify the initial supply status.
If claim will be considered as valid, after verification of our technicians, obligations about warranty will be limited exclusively to what is required by law . In this case, any refund for machining or working costs will be rejected, as well as direct or indirect damages.
Claims and protests give the buyer no right to suspend payment of the contested goods and replacement or any credit agreement can be carried out after returning the contested goods only.


Payment conditions

Payment of our supplies shall be made in accordance with the times and methods indicated in the invoice. Non-payment or delayed payment of the invoices gives our company the right, save for any other action, to consider the contract suspended or resolved without any expenses and rise to the immediate accruement of legal interest which will be charged to the buyer as provided by the Italian law. Contract can be definitively concluded, without any additional costs, should our company become aware of existing legal procedures or any sanctions imposed by international authorities at the customer’s expense.


General terms of Sale and regulations

For whatever is not provided under the present general sales conditions Italian law shall apply to sales concluded by our company since supply contracts are considered to be concluded in Italy. Current general sales condition prevail on any buying conditions that customer could provide, with exception of any different agreement concluded in writing with our company.
Any dispute coming from interpretation, application, execution, termination of the contract and this “ general terms of sale and regulations “ will be regulated by italian law.