A 40 years experience in the special alloys area

RS ACCIAI was born on February 1997, thanks to a project realized by Antonio Bandelli. After 12 years of experiences both on thermal vacuum treatments (thanks to the cooperation with the Kenotherm company) and on steels selling for leader companies in iron and steel industry area, he thought that the moment had come to try on his own to popularize and to promote high quality products and to share his experiences with mechanical workshops, in order to propose definitive solutions about some problems with wearing, toughness, sticking and thermal conductivity.

The choice to represent the ROBERT ZAPP WERKSTOFFTECHNIK GMBH had been embraced with great consent and conviction, because of the possibility to count on high quality steels' typologies realized with metal powder, like ASP2000 and CPM.

Since that, RS ACCIAI have had a constant development, thanks to demanding and choosen clients with often very complicated problems, always solved thanks to the confrontation of reciprocal experieces and acquaintances.

The capability of the great results we've reached is nowadays surely our best visiting card.

We've been walking a long way since 1997, when Antonio Bandelli promoted his company on his own! Today, RS ACCIAI is able to answer at the right time to every kind of requirement on the whole Italian area, thanks to a capillary selling network.

Our aim is to keep on working with seriousness and professionalism for a growing number of companies, always trying to spread our knowledges and competences even to the small workshops in which big and small production problems are daily faced. We'll both surely obtain advantages from this confrontation: customers will find effective answers to their problems and we will enrich ourselves with the knowledges and competences of a sector wich is continuously developing in technology.

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