Vacuum Heat Treatments

Since 1982 Kenotherm takes care of vacuum heat treatment.
Thanks to the experience acquired in this field, we are perfect partners to offer the best solutions to each requirement of steel and alloys with heat treatment.

Offering the most appropriate heat treatment has always been our main goal, trying to find the total satisfaction of customer more than anything else.

Our daily challenge is the research for the highest wear resistance value rather than the highest tenacity, the best corrosion resistance or the lowest deformation, the respect of a delicate profile, solving a problem of a non- compliant thickness are only examples. Every single part has its production story, the same can give the maximum result with customized heat treatment only.

With more than 30 years experience, professional skills along with our strong passion and constant commitment to follow the best results have allowed us to become professional and reliable partners.

Now Kenotherm is the equivalent of quality.

The point is that you don’t need to have the last generation plant to obtain extraordinary heat treatments.
People will always make the difference, with their total dedication, experience and responsability.


Antonio Bandelli

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