Completely made in nitrogen stainless steel, hardened at 56 Hrc.

Its weight is spread on the strength of two basic columns, with a perfect balance between essence and solidity.

This minimal structure is hidden behind your Hi-Fi system, enlarging the aesthetic vision and allowing an easy access to cables and connections.

Vibrations totally disappear into a total weight of 70 kg, absorbing the sound dust and returning in crystalline real way.

Equipped with beryllium tips - VULCANO -, you can take off permanently the system from the ground: the sound is now suspended in the air.


Measures and customization:


the Hi-Fi bracket is produced with CNC machines, having the following standard measures:


width 580 mm

depth 400 mm

height 700 mm


You can choose between 3 or 4 shelves.

There is the possibility of customization with a logo or your name on shelves upon request. You are also allowed to choose dimensions in width (from 500 to 650 mm) and height (from 500 up to 700 mm).

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